Update Install Base FAQs

Use this tool to register system configuration changes, physical moves to your Juniper installed base, or device model upgrades.
Please use the contextual help options on the page which should assist in providing a description of what should be entered for each field. You may access these by hovering over the question mark icons.For further details and instructions on how to use the Juniper Update Install Base tool please refer to Knowledge Base article KB10740
The Juniper Partner or the End Customer is required to update their install base data if there is any add, change or move to your install base. Juniper Networks will not be held accountable for not meeting the hardware replacement service level agreement for products that do not have an accurate install base record.
If the contracted SLA cannot be supported at the new site address, Juniper Networks will inform you and provide you with the next available hardware delivery option. Upon your acceptance, location will be updated and the contracted SLA will be updated to reflect the next available SLA.
Upon completion of location / configuration update and until stock is repositioned at the correct location, hardware replacement support will be provided as best effort.
If you need to change the contracted service level then please contact your Juniper Sales Representative for a quotation.
No action is required to update the install base when an RMA replacement has shipped as this happens automatically. The exception to this would be when a device has been deployed from spare stock and the spare stock then back filled with the RMA replacement. In cases such as this you should inform Juniper by opening an Admin Service Request with Customer Care.
Based on feedback we understand that in the past it was time consuming to report changes to multiple devices simultaneously. If for example you were moving more than five devices to different locations or had updated the chassis configuration on multiple units. The addition of the bulk functionality allows you to simply download, complete and upload files in order to have the IB Refresh team make the necessary changes.
This tool should not be used to request SN's be added to the Install Base records. If you wish to report an asset missing from the IB records please open an Admin Service Request.
No. Products that are purchased outside of the Juniper Networks channel will be required to follow the Service Reinstatement and Product Inspection Policy terms and conditions. Please open an Admin Service Request for assistance in such instances
If you wish to receive any updates on the status of your IB Update Tool request or provide further information please reply to all on your confirmation e-mail which will contain your Update Install Base confirmation number in the subject line.
If you are unable to reach the team or if further escalation is required you may contact Customer Care by opening an Admin Service Request. Please reference your IB update confirmation number in the synopsis to facilitate the request.